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Monday, March 31, 2008

Website problems; but now back on track

March 31, 2008
You may have noticed that we had a fairly up to date web site until recently, and then something was out of whack. Well, we have had a few glitches that caused us to lose most of our March content. Without going into great detail, our Firewall was causing problems communicating with the server. Bottom line - We will do our best to paraphrase and to recapture the events of the past 24 days, and will then just move on from there.

This will take a few days because we are on the move again in the morning from our current location at the breathtaking Isla Navidad Grand Bay Resort Marina in Bahia Navidad to Manzanillo. We do not know for certain whether we will have internet access there but are hopeful.

I did manage to save a file from Puerto Vallarta, which was an entry written by our friend Jeri Lyn. It is as follows:

Happy Easter from Puerto Vallarta! This is Jeri Lyn and I'm beyond delighted to be sitting in an internet cafe with Barb as my husband, Jeff sits across the way having beers with Frank! Destiny sits just beyond the boys - she is majestic in her own right and has brought our friends safely through their journey! Jeff and I have been here anxiously awaiting their arrival and the opportunity for me to hug Barb - she and I haven't missed a beat since our reunion and as always, I'm continually blessed by her and the incredible outlook she has on life and their adventures! We are living vicariously through she and Frank - and trust me, they are living life to it's fullest - we should all learn from them! I'll turn this over to my dear friend and let you continue to be jealous that I have been gifted with this visit!!! Jeri Lyn

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Watada said...

Frank and Barb, hope all is going well. I really like to new blogs. I'm looking forward to reading more of your adventures!