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Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

We had a wonderful dinner with the Peasleys from Imagine the other night. In fact, Andy and Frank, Sandy, Emma and I have all found that we truly were meant to meet because we just fell right into step with one another. We call Sandy Wonder Woman because she can do just about anything, and is teaching us how-to's. She, Emma and I plan to embark on a girls outing (to shop of course!), whilst the boys do guy stuff around the boats. Andy is no slouch either. We are trading books and movies and recipes – and of course best of all, sailing (war) stories! It is so nice to know we are not the only ones who do stupid boat things and experience zany mishaps.

We are still in the marina awaiting the return of our dinghy and our water-maker pump. Frank is diligently combing through marine catalogues searching for needed supplies that we are having shipped to our fiends, the Martins, who are coming to visit in July. Lord, I hope our boat is in ship-shape before they arrive! Actually we must have everything back in order before this weekend. We have registered for a yacht rally – the Tahiti Moorea Sailing Rendezvous on 7/27 & 28. It is a rally to Moorea, including all kinds of festivities to welcome cruisers and to introduce us to Polynesian culture. We have agreed to have a local couple join us on our boat so that they can experience our lifestyle; therefore we need things working properly. We have found that nearly everyone else is dealing with some kind of repair or maintenance issue. It's just like owning a car or a home on land. Responsibility comes with everything – even in retirement.

The weather here has been beautiful, every few days we get a good rain shower, then some high winds and blue skies. There is a perpetual black thunderhead that hovers over the high mountainous point of the island, much like in Maui, but seems far away all the same. Sometimes we sit on the back porch (deck), and jut watch the waves crashing over the barrier reef that protects this island, amazed that we are safely tucked inside while the sea rages just beyond the coral heads. Our "porch" has become a gathering spot for passers-by. Folks wander down with a drink in their hand or with some local goody and soon we have a regular little meet and greet going on. There's Bob from Boomerang (from Lakewood Yacht Club back home), Joe from Syren, Andreas from Otis, Jamie and Christine from Talisman, Andy, Sandy and Emma from Imagine, Helen and Charlie from Nomad, and the list goes on. I think often of friends and family back home and remember a little song from my childhood: "Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold". Common bonds, common threads weave our lives and continue to create the tapestry that gives us these wonderful memories and experiences. Frank and I are still living a dream, and like dreams it remains everchanging and evolving. We talk of the difficulties we have had and realize that this is how we learn and grow and appreciate. We are bonding in a way that we never had before, although we have always felt that we are soul-mates.

OK, I'm getting lost I my philosophical meanderings. This life is conducive to that you know. It actually helps me stay connected with my spiritual side as well. We have much to be thankful for and acknowledge that on a daily basis. Maruru!
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