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Monday, July 28, 2008

July 15th, 2008

We left Moorea for Tahiti and this time decided to dock in a berth in Papeete's downtown harbor. It is a stern-to marina, which is not our favorite way to go, especially there because the dock is several feet higher than our stern and in order to board or disembark from Destiny, we had to swing like Tarzan and Jane from the swim platform up onto the dock using the dinghy davit's lift lines. It got to be fun once we got the "hang" of it, and figured out how to pass packages and groceries to one
another from the dock. We felt it would add an element of security, deterring potential perpetrators; however, we had just gone to bed one night and heard a lot of noise up on deck and what sounded like a loud crash above our heads. We both immediately popped up the companionway to find Joe from Syren with another person on the back of our boat, just grinning from ear to ear! Joe was so proud of himself that he was able to get into the dock and locate Destiny. Thinking we were not aboard, he was
going to just sit on our back deck and await our return so that he could introduce us to his newest potential crew member. We stumbled up and met Helene, visited for a few minutes and went back to bed.

We really enjoyed being downtown for a few days. We ate at the Roulotte a couple of times, took care of paperwork and departure requirements, got to walk around and see the areas that we had missed before, then on Monday, July 14, we motored back over to Marina Taina to pick up the water maker pump and parts and hit the giant grocery store, Carrefore, for provisions. There were no berths available so we anchored. Morning Light was there on the same dock with Syren and told us that the local restaurant
was serving free Paella that night to anyone who arrived wearing a life jacket. Well we were certainly up for that! This must have been their Bastille Day celebration, and it was packed! We enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up in their life vests. The paella was excellent and the camaraderie and fellowship with other cruisers even better.

July 16th, we dinghyed over to the Hotel Intercontinental to meet up with Jeff and Jeri Lyn whose flight was scheduled to arrive just after 5 AM. They had brought us two 50-lb. boxes full of boat parts, goodies, mail and gifts from them and from our family. It was like a reunion and Christmas all in one! We left them to get some rest from their long flight and we returned to our boat to unpack our boxes. That evening they joined us at the marina, met some of our fellow cruisers and then we took
the "le truck" downtown to the Roulotte for dinner.

I've got to cut this off now in order to transmit to my blog because we are back to sending over the HAM. More to come….

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