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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 18th - Happy Anniversary to us!

Today marks our 7th anniversary. Wow! What a journey we have had in these 7 wonderful years together and it will only get better from here. We spent the day doing what most people do on their anniversary. I baked us a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. I then shelled and roasted about a dozen pods of garlic because we cannot take fresh produce into the Cook Islands so I am hoping frozen will be OK. We are trying to snarf up everything fresh as fast as we can hoping not to have to discard
any of these precious groceries at arrival. We napped on and off to be ready for our night shifts and we motored most of the day because our winds went poof! Because we were motoring we had power enough for a few episodes of Alias, and then to top off the big event we dined on grilled filet mignon, mashed potatoes (with fresh roasted garlic, onions, rosemary and parmesan cheese), and canned green beans which we dressed up with yet more roasted garlic, onions and seasoned almonds. We stuffed ourselves
and then ate lots of cake while watching a very unique South Pacific sunset. After dinner we managed to make it to Season 5 of Alias before it was time for my evening nap before the 9-midnight shift and Frank's chat with other cruisers on the SSB net. All in all it was a fabulous anniversary!

Sometime during the night we finally picked up some wind and off went the engine in favor of our preferred sailing. It is now 2 PM on Tuesday the 19th. The seas have been terrifically smooth and the wind has given us as little as 3 .5 knots and as much as 7 knots of speed since making their reappearance last night. Frank announced to me that we are a day behind schedule but who cares; we are having a great sail and enjoying reconnecting with the sea and with each other. He spotted a whale just
a bit ago and is perched on the bow whale watching. This is supposed to be the season out here so we may get lucky. We cherish these times together as much as we enjoy the camaraderie of being with the others. Time on and time off is good for the soul - and gives us time with God to appreciate and acknowledge this beauty that he created for us to enjoy. No Bible Study or church service in the world can compare to the raw understanding and connection that one is able to achieve out here with our
Creator and His universe. Yes, this is good for the soul indeed.

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