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Friday, May 15, 2009

May 13, 09 – Discovering Musket cove, Fiji

Today we tasted freedom as we boarded the dinghy and went to shore to stretch our legs and get the circulation moving around once again. The first order of business was to go to the marina office to get our account set up at the resort, join the yacht club and fill out whatever mounds of paperwork were required there.

We immediately fell head over heels for Musket Cove Resort. It is very beautiful here. For the whopping sum of $6 (Fijian) our yacht club membership includes full use of the resort facilities, which can be charged to our "account". Scary. No money is needed – just put it on the account. This is a resort, so you can find just about anything to do or not to do. All of your needs and even things you do not need are provided here so that you never want to leave. And already we do not. The staff's hospitality and friendliness is genuine and their ability to remember each of our names after the initial greeting is impressive. We have learned that "Bula!" is the standard greeting, which means, "Welcome" and also "Hello". As we walked about, staff members and even the children would exclaim, "Bula!", and in his endeavor to respond appropriately, sometimes in a fluster, Frank would yell out, "Hola!" The locals would look a little perplexed, but would just shrug and smile at us.

We walked around surveying the lay of the land, ticking off the activities we would like to undertake. Today for my activity I chose the spa and set an afternoon appointment. After lunch at "Dick's Place", Frank settled down by the pool with a Stephen White novel (Colorado author), while I set off for the spa and my "Fijian Bobo Massage". Afterward, I'm sure I walked out of there looking like I had palsy. I was so relaxed and limp that I could hardly walk. I found Frank and pointed to the boat, saying, "I have to go take a nap now – I don't want to ruin this!"

At 5:00 we were scheduled to go over to "Different Drummer" for a rally sundowner with the gang. All 16 of us gathered round in his cockpit and as we passed the snacks, Phil filled us in on the upcoming rally events for the week. Friday morning we will meet on the grassy end of the little island that houses "The Bar" at 9:30AM to begin the games which will be a competition among the yachties for prizes.

By the time we had gotten back to Destiny, it was too late to eat the lamb steaks I'd thawed so we just read ourselves to sleep – after all it was a very busy day in paradise.
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