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Monday, June 8, 2009

Back at Musket Cove but Maybe Heading Out Again...

We went over to an island called Navadra (pronounced "Navandra"), where we are told Survivor Fiji was filmed.  Being Americans of course we think that we have the exclusive on this show - right?  Wrong.  There is a Survivor series going on in many countries now, and several of them used Navadra to film.  It is a pretty bay flanked by 2 islands, one was used for the crew apparently (to party?) because when we went to shore we found the remains of a very large cafe/bar area with flip flops and sandals hung all around the walls which had washed ashore, and then another structure that looked like a staging area for something.  The other island which we could not get to because of the inaccessibility to shore was where the tribes had been set up.  Now that we have left there we've been told when and how to go ahsore, which we'll do if we get back there.  The bay is noted for it's diving and snorkeling and we had seen some beautiful coral heads while dinghying around so couldn't wait to get in. Frank jumped into the water to go snorkeling and while I was donning my gear he came back to the boat to tell me I may want to wear my dive skin because the waters were full of little tiny jelly fish looking things.  So I went in search of my suit and before I could "launch", out of the water he sprang!  He had been stung all over his arms and shoulders. I didn't go in.  Poor guy!  So snorkeling was out.  We opted for sitting on the boat and reading.  We stayed for two nights and both nights had sundowners with Morning light and her crew, Erik and Gisla. Then we returned to MC in order to do some laundry and get ready for our guests.

I have known Debra for 19 years.  I met her through the Houston Hash House Harriers (H4).  She met her husband, Sandy, through the Hash as well, and they have become good friends of Frank, too over the years.  They are one of the most down to Earth, easy-going couples we know so we were excited that they were able to come to Fiji, and knew that they would adapt quickly to boat life.

They flew into Malolo Lailai early on the morning of June 1st.  We met them at the airstrip and gave them a quick tour of the resort before settling them into the boat.  We enjoyed introducing them to some of our cruiser friends who were still in the anchorage there.  Next post will be about the adventures of Debra and Sandy aboard Destiny.
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