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Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 17-23rd; Back to SavuSavu for a great week!

Although the snorkeling was fantastic at Albert Cove we were getting itchy to move along and start heading east, and besides we were out of fresh rations.  Weather reports did not look promising for the next few days, yet if we didn't go now then we would be socked in.  By the time we had our coffee, we figured we'd rather face a possible rough ride for 5 hours than just sit doing nothing in a soggy bay.  "IQ", "Scallywag" and "Just in Time" had all reached the same decision so off we went in a little caravan. Surprisingly, the sailing was very good.  We made fast tracks to the leeward side of Vanua Levu where the wind dropped completely leaving the waters flat calm for the last hour of the trip back into Viani Bay.

Frank and I just spent one night at Viani opting to shoot straight to SavuSavu early in the morning.  "Ivory Quays" joined us.  This leg was surely the rougher one.  We had winds of up to 35 knots on the beam and 3-meter seas astern, making it a fast ride.  Happily we arrived in SavuSavu just at dusk.

Our friends, Ian and Julia ("Moasi") had arrived from New Zealand, via Tonga so we made the best of our time with them while we could.  Many of our Kiwi friends were also in the anchorage making it a very festive week.

Julia told me about a lady named Una, who does the best massages she has ever had, so of course I booked an hour for the next morning.  It was pretty darn good – and even better when Una charged me $30 (Fijian).  I scheduled another for the next day.   During my second massage, Una told me about her 1-½ hour body treatment for rejuvenating the sun abused skin cells, using lots of fresh fruits and veggies.  I was intrigued, so of course I booked one for the following Monday.  I have to describe it because it was so amazing.  She met me at her door with a large bag full of goodies fresh from the market.  As I disrobed behind the curtain I heard her shredding, crushing and grating cucumbers, pineapples, watermelon, ginger – it smelled heavenly! She started out with a sugar/ginger/coconut scrub.  After that she smeared me with crushed pineapple and cucumber.  She placed cucumbers on my eyes and then gave me a watermelon/cucumber facial.  Then she wrapped me up tightly while I fermented into a fruit cocktail.  After she rinsed all of that off, she gave me a honey/ginger/lime "polish."  Oh my!  I felt like a gooey dessert.  When I prepared to pay her she told me the cost was $35.  I told her NO WAY.  I paid her $60 and told her I would not consider giving her less.  The poor woman nearly cried!  I can't begin to imagine what this would have me in a spa.  So of course half the anchorage began booking treatments with dear Una.  She probably made her annual income in the few short weeks that is high season for cruisers in SavuSavu.

We don't know where the time goes, but Frank and I spent most of the rest of ours getting on the internet making travel reservations to fly home in July.  One of his friends from the States is getting married in St. Louis and my daughter has just purchased her first home giving us at least two good reasons to go back for a visit.  So now that we have decided to fly home we have a lot of planning to do.  We spent a considerable amount of time doing that, shopping for food provisions and other necessities and getting together with cruising friends. 

All too soon, a week had gone by.  We said good-by to Julia and Ian and several others, and in the 23rd departed for Makongai Island.


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