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Friday, September 3, 2010

September 2 and 3rd, 2010 Day 1 and 2; Passage from Fiji to Vanuatu

The most exciting event of our first day of the passage is that we had great sailing conditions. Destiny enjoyed a nice surf over 3-meter swells, and that combined with 25 - 30 knot winds on the beam makes for a fast sail. I managed to throw together a beef stroganoff for an early dinner and then we settled in for a beautiful star-filled night of 3-hour watches. The phosphorescence of the plankton threw out beautiful starry bursts from our wake making for a lovely first night out. We averaged speeds of 8-9 knots over that 24 hour period.
It would have been just perfect except I was having first day passage anxiety after having read a book Jeff and Jeri Lyn had given us titled, "Adrift". It details one man's survival after 76 days at sea adrift in a life raft after escaping his sinking sailboat following a collision with an unknown entity (a whale, a container? No one will ever know). I don't know why our friends keep giving us these disaster at sea books to read, and beyond that I don't know why I read them, particularly just before a passage. I do know that God is large and in charge and I pray that it is not our fate to star in our own disaster story.

On Friday, September 3rd, our second day out, Frank attempted to post our position report via the SSB, but it doesn't seem to want to talk to the laptop, so he tried the Iridium Sat Phone and was still unable to get Winlink to transmit the report. We don't know which part of our equipment is responsible for the problem, but Winlink just does not seem to be working properly. We eventually were able to get a Sailmail connection via the sat phone and were thrilled that we had received some messages. Frank and I treat these like candy - for some crazy reason the emails we get while on a passage just feel special. It's like opening Christmas mail for us, so he reads them and then saves them for me to read. Thank you to our friends and family who write to us! In case anyone reading this wants to email us but doesn't have the address, it is:

The stars continue their sky dance and the sailing is the type we dream of - hope it keeps up like this to Tanna.

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