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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jan 2 - 16, 2011 - Sydney

Jan 2 - 16, 2011
We enjoyed our next two days with the Wise's and the Spencer's seeing
Sydney with them, of course most of it centered on the best
restaurants and bars! We bid a sad farewell to these four dear friends
on Wednesday and then got down to the business of boat chores.
We spent much of the next two weeks going back and forth between
Manly, Middle Harbor and Black Wattle visiting with various cruiser
friends, Gato Go, Endangered Species, Tuppenny, Wasabi and dining with
our new Sydney friends, Mark Dent and Heather Heckenberg.
About a week into the New Year, I made a decision to fly to Houston to
tend to family matters and to help my daughter through a particularly
rough time. So on January 16th, I left my beloved Frank and Destiny
alone together in Sydney and flew home for nearly 2 months. It was a
difficult time for all of us, but necessary, nonetheless.

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