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Thursday, August 4, 2011

July 6 - August 3rd, 2011 - Colorado - good friends and good times

When Frank and I fly to the US, we say we are flying home. Home is comprised of Virginia, where his mother and sis, my brother, aunt and uncle live; then there is Texas which was my Home for over 40 years and where my little sis and her family reside, and where my daughter, grandson, parents, and one brother and his family live. Houston is my true Home. Denver, Colorado; however, is what Frank considers Home and where his two children live. When we are in Denver, we somehow consider it more of a vacation than any other "home" in the USA. The primary reason for this is that we have no familial obligations, and so are somewhat free to just kick back and enjoy a good bit of R & R.

Scott & Chris Morlan hosted us for dinner and a sleep-over our first night. We were joined for dinner by Lee and Cheryl Baumann who were in town visiting his kids and grandkids. The next morning, Frank and Scott left very early for the boys' annual golf outing (with Lee Baumann and Rick Rentschler) in the mountains. Jeri Lyn picked me up and swept me away to her house for our girl-weekend.
Monday kicked off with annual doctor visits, lunches, coffees and dinners with our various friends. Our social calendar stays quite full whenever we are in Denver. Frank played a lot of golf and I did a lot of shopping and visiting. Chris Morlan was kind enough to loan us her car for most of the time, and somehow between Frank driving Chris's car and my getting lifts form friends we did all right.
The weekend of July 22nd - the 24th, we were invited up to Jeff and Jeri Lyn's holiday home in the Winter Park area along with two other couples, the Marchants and the Stollers to attend the annual Winterpark Jazz Festival.  The Martin's "mountain" home is absolutely spectacular, is nestled into stunning acreage along the golf course. What a serene getaway they have there. The weekend was filled with golf, long walks, fantastic food, laughter of good friends and Jazz Music. I made two lovely new friends in Karen Marchant and Deb Stoller.
The next week was filled with more social visits and dinner. On the 27th, we were honored to be the only guests to join Jeff and Jeri Lyn for her birthday dinner, which was absolutely fantastic. The rest of the time,Frank tended to zig while I zagged. I drove up to Longmont to spend a couple of days with Tammi Bailey, and then the following weekend we trekked up to Greeley for an absolutely marvelous weekend with the Rentschlers. It was the first time that we were able to spend a good bit of quality time with our god-daughter, Naia. She is growing into a most beautiful, intelligent little girl. Frank and Rick played golf whilst Nina, Naia and I spent the day at a local Children's festival. We had such good fun watching Naia paint stained-glass pictures, make sand sculptures and get up to her elbows in all the arts and crafts available. All too soon the weekend was over it was time to head back to Denver.
For Frank's birthday on August 2nd, we invited Jeff and Jeri Lyn to join Karen, Bill and ourselves for dinner. It was a fine ending to our Colorado visit, for the next morning we flew to Houston.

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