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Monday, June 13, 2011

June 2 - June 13th, 2011 - Brisbane/RQYS

This marina is HUGE and yet we are happy to have been able to get a berth here for a three-month period. We will be flying "home" on June 14th.  Within the first couple of days, several people have come up to us to meet us, in the typically friendly Aussie fashion. They cannot seem to do enough for foreigners who have traveled this far (especially by yacht) to their amazing and far away country.

We spent a good bit of time cleaning up and then Frank made golf plans with his friend Dave while I did a bit of shopping. Scott and Muriel Spencer drove down to meet us for lunch one day at the local fish and chips that draws patrons from all over the area. We never could remember the name of the place because it just says "Fish and Chips" on the banner. Then on several other days, Scott and Muriel came by to drive us to local sights. What precious friends they are!
On days that we weren't exploring the area or Frank wasn't enjoying a bit of golf, we put our efforts into readying Destiny for a 3-month absence. Frank did "Bloke" jobs like maintaining engine, generator, watermaker, etc. I cleaned out lockers, gathered unused items from clothing, galley gadgets, recreational gizmos, books and the like, making a HUGE pile to take to the local Op-Shops in Wynnum. We donated huge duffel bags full of items, and then wondered why we still have no extra space. I also went through the pantry and tossed all of the out dated foods, scrubbed out lockers and freshened up the interior.  Frank did the same on the exterior and in the lazarette.
Finally on the 13th, we finished packing and it the sack ready for our big trip back home.

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