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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Monday, July 30th, 2012 - A Little Over Halfway to W. Timor

First off, in the case this DOES post to my blog, I hope someone will email us at: to let us know this made it through. We are of course without internet and, therefore, do not know if our Webmaster has gotten the position reporting fixed on our website. As well, we do not know if sending updates to the blog via sailmail is successful. Oh how we rely on technology these days. Flying "blind" without it makes us appreciate progress as no average person can.

All is well aboard the good ship Destiny, seaworthy-wise that is. We are having a major freezer malfunction that could not have revealed itself at a worse time. Why oh why, in all the time we spent in Darwin did the darn thing wait until we were 24-hours away from Australia and filled to the brim to quit on us? Of course, we just spent a fortune on beautiful steaks, lamb racks, lamb chops, (actually all sorts of lamb and other meats), and other goods that won't be readily available to us in the upcoming months; or if we find these goods, who knows of the quality? We are both over the SICK feeling and yet still cannot imagine WHY this could not have happened when and where we could have had it repaired... Stuff Murphy and his laws!

The journey has been a good one nonetheless, with fair downwinds pushing us through the large waves. We have only used 5 gallons of diesel since leaving port. Not bad so far. The ride has been a bit bumpy, turning Destiny into a "Tilt-o-wheel" at times. Looking at the chart in front of me I see that we have roughly 22 hours to go on this passage. As far as passages go, this one has been unexpectedly pleasant because we did not anticipate getting to sail most of it, so far averaging a speed of 6.8 knots. I was even able to brew drip coffee this morning - unusual on passage for us without a lot of acrobatics and mess.

Leaving Australia for us was an emotional bag of mixed nuts. Economically we were ready for a change. We spent just over 21 months there, rather Destiny has. I made three trips back to States; Frank two. Otherwise we traveled and enjoyed magical, amazing, vast and beautiful Australia as much as possible during our stay. We feel we have done her justice, and have come away much more appreciative of her and her countrymen than we could have imagined. I've blogged extensively about our time in "Oz" and wish Frank would have done the same. His observations and comments would be so interesting to read, but alas he has lost the "oomph" to journal his thoughts and experiences. So we shared some observations and I will do my best to recapture those discussions as they float to the surface of our thoughts. Mainly, we love Australia. We love the people and their fortitude. We have learned how uptight we Americans really are, no matter how laid back we may think we are. When trouble/adversity/crisis rears its ugly head, a typical Aussie response is "No worries, Mate! She'll be right, Mate!" - and they mean it. It takes a lot to get to these guys and gals, and IF it gets to them watch out. We love their honesty, candor and spirit of hospitality. Their hearts ARE bigger than Texas. They love, laugh and give big. I do not know what it is like to cross an Aussie and hope I never find out, because I do not want to know if they swing the other way in retribution. Frank and I choose to love them unconditionally, as those we have met have us in return. We have made lasting friendships here with several Aussies, including a few "transplants". If you've read our blogs you know who they are. We will see them again and are counting on that.

That's enough for now. It's time for me to go cook some more meat that has defrosted on us. I guess we are on the Caveman diet for a while as long as the meat holds out.

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