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Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 20-30, 2013 – Growing Frustrations/waiting /killing time

Our projected ship date came and went with a shrug and sincere apologies from the reps at 7-Star. It appears the vessel that had been contracted for us was making unscheduled stops along the way to pick up cargo and not moving as quickly as promised. The agreement with our transit company was that the yachts were to comprise the entire cargo because we were paying for the entire ship. No one really understood what was happening but nonetheless we all stood at the ready for the yachts to go. Meanwhile our Thai visa was about to expire.
Have been given a new date of before May 25th. Monsoon season starts soon here so we are a bit anxious to get this done. Our Visas are running out soon.

Phuket Friday, May 24, 13 Another Visa extension
It is raining pitchforks and devil babies here nearly every day now. Yesterday we went to immigration to get the visas extended. We were hoping not to have to do this again and that the ship would come before any of this became an issue but time is not our friend here. My unexpected hospital visit last week affords us an opportunity to ask the doctor for a medical extension since I am due for a follow-up on Monday (27th). He only wrote 15 days on it and apparently didn't "tick" the correct boxes on the form so we had a real hassle with it but eventually got the extension - the stinkers charged us the 30-day fee ($65.00) anyway.  He must have stamped our passports 10 times each - I have no idea what all those stamps are about. I'm just happy that is over - and happy we never have to deal with Thai visas again!
We are marking "paid" to Thailand and are ready to move on. Because of all the hassles it hasn't been our favorite place. I'm wanting to get the blogs caught up and it is a stretch to write about it in a positive light. Maybe it is because we have spent so much money on the boat here although it is purported to be the cheapest place to get boat work done but certainly was not. Or maybe it is because of the tremendous number of tourists here - literally thousands and about 80% are rude, nasty ugly Russians, or maybe because the traffic is insane and it takes us over an hour just to go to the grocery store, or maybe it is because crime, drugs and Aids are so rampant here. Take your pick…

May 25th – more delays
The transport ship was due to arrive here the 24th, but that has already been pushed back. We don't have a load date and probably won't until it actually arrives in Thailand. The company told us not to book any airline tickets until Destiny is on that ship. We need to find somewhere to go for two weeks, which is the anticipated amount of time that it takes to get from Phuket to Marmaris, Turkey. Where we go while she is being shipped is kind of up in the air because it will all depend on what kind of last minute air fares we can get to somewhere between this area and Istanbul. It is so weird literally flying by the seat of our pants. We are told to be in Marmaris a week before the ship arrives so we can work out the import/immigration/customs clearances, etc., with the shipping agent at the arrival port. It is all a little exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

There is a lot of red tape involved in shipping a vessel, and then all these rules about how long we can stay in the country, etc.
May 30th  - Invited to a group dinner with all yacht owners due to ship; something smells fishy!
Well we now understand why 7-Star invited us all to dinner tonight - it was to soften the blow of bad news! And this way they could tell us all at once instead of emails flying around.

The ship, MPP Shield that was/is to be our transport is now telling 7-Star that they will not arrive here until June 8th.
Chris, the lead 7-Star contact said that the ship and his company are having a bit of a row. Several reasons were thrown out - there are mechanical problems, the ship wants to take on more cargo in Singapore and is waiting for a full load (or some such nonsense), and they are Russian and therefore liars and untrustworthy (according to Chris).
Chris said we are stuck in a difficult situation now because they are trying to get another ship to replace this one in case it doesn't come through, but the replacement cannot be here before June 15th.

We are seriously not wanting to use the original ship now after this mess up but we are over a barrel and have to wait to see what happens.

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