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Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 13, 2008 Still in Fatu Hiva

Tuesday,May 13th we decided that if the Peasley's on Imagine hadn't arrived by the day's end we would make an early Wed. departure, and meet them somewhere down the way. We had seen all of Fatu Hiva we could and were looking forward to some new adventures. Most of the boats we had gotten to know had already left and a whole new bunch had arrived, including a three masted 177 ft. schooner named Shenandoah, which was built in (I think) 1908. She was beautiful and carried a crew of 11. This tiny
little harbor was getting quite full. We went into town to deliver the pictures to Justine, who was so happy with them she gave us another tapa cloth of a turtle. She then asked us to take some more pictures of her with her family and some of her with her art. We didn't have the camera, so we agreed and trekked back to the boat for the camera (about 2 miles each way), returned to her home, took more photos, then went back to the boat to edit and print them. By the time we took the new prints back
to her Frank felt that we should ask for a carving. We had spent a lot of time, ink and wear and tear to produce several prints for her so we hoped she would agree. She was again thrilled with the prints, but didn't offer us anything in trade. We felt that because she had asked for all those pictures it would be OK to ask for a small bowl. When Frank mentioned it to her she looked at first like she didn't understand. He went over to pick up a couple to get the point across, then she acted upset.
The mood got real tense real fast. This worried us so we started to leave. Priscilla apparently appealed to her on our behalf, and then picked out a very small imperfect bowl which Justine reluctantly agreed to give us. We took the bowl thanked her profusely and hightailed it out of there!

When we returned to Destiny, Frank resumed his diagnostics on the generator to find that the fuse had broken off just as the previous one had in Puerto Vallarta. I asked him if he had bought a spare after the first incident and the response I got was a scowl and low guttural sounding growl. I let it go. He eventually got out some solder material and the soldering iron and just reattached it. This one should hold! We wrapped up everything and got ready to set sail early morning for Hiva Oa, which
is about 45 nautical miles (NM) due north. By the way, we still are not getting good radio contact so there is no telling when this will get posted!

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