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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Two weeks ago today we left Manzanillo for the 2800+ mile voyage to the Marquesas. We are 1710 miles into it, a mere 3.2 degrees north of the Equator. There is no turning back now! We are smack dab in the middle of the Doldrums. Yesterday they began and for a while we had seas so flat you could water ski out there. Wind dropped to under 2 knots at times. Obviously there was not much sailing going on. The skies were painted so many beautiful colors, and dotted with some of the most unusual
and beautiful cloud formations either of us has ever seen. I enjoyed this peaceful serene day very much. We took advantage of the calm and set about performing little maintenance items up on deck. Then we took a break and sat together up on the fore deck for a while doing nothing and thinking nothing - just being together and enjoying the moment. It was very emotionally and mentally healing and soothing for me.
Then in the afternoon the squalls kicked up again, forming lines across the horizon, as though each was awaiting its turn to come out of the gate. A couple glanced us, just delivering a fine mist. Then we entered a big wet one. Winds picked up and we happily released the sails. Not only did we get a good hour of sailing, we got a good cleansing as well. This was also our first opportunity to test the integrity of the new window. We are happy to report no leaks! It rained on and off all through
the night, got a bit rocky again and it became difficult to stay dry. We'd open the hatches when the squalls passed and then close them again as an unexpected one would sneak up on us. It was so black during the night that the clouds obscured all traces of stars and moon. During Frank's watch he saw the lights from 2 different vessels. We couldn't tell what they were, only that they were well lit. I came on watch during the intercept with the 2nd one. Frank was anxious because no matter which
direction he maneuvered Destiny; the other vessel seemed on a collision course with us. We flashed the 3-million candle power lantern at him and tried to hail him on the VHF, but he did not respond. We could not seem to get a fix on his direction, but finally just began driving around to the point that we were out of his path. After Frank went to bed I encountered yet another of these vessels. Same drill, except this one didn't try to play chicken with me I didn't wake Frank, but concluded these
guys are real jerks! Besides, where on Earth are they coming from? We think they were some Asian commercial fishing trawlers.
Today has been a replay of yesterday as far as the wind, weather and seas are concerned. Afternoon squalls drift by but we haven't yet been drenched like yesterday. All is well in our world. Hope all is well in yours too. Unless something dramatic happens, we probably won't write again until we are at the Equator.

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