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Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 10 & 11th, 2011– Port Macquarie and a Surprise Visit

We awoke on Tuesday to rain, rain, rain and cold, cold, cold. I love these kinds of days, when I can just take my time enjoying the morning, snuggled up (still) in my PJ’s, with my hot cup of coffee, taking it slow and easy. We spent the rainy morning time browsing Facebook, catching up on what our friends and family are doing and then Frank and I both just kicked back and read our books.  Later on it cleared and as the lovely blue skies made their bold appearance we thought about going for a walk but had already started playing a ruthless game of Baja Rummy and had to finish. Frank not only won, he absolutely blotted me.

The local “world famous” (aren’t they all?) Italian Restaurant, Café 66, was offering 2 for 1 Pasta night this night so we set out to discover whether or not that was true. It was OK, and at their prices for a simple pasta dish we were happy to have paid for only one. At least I didn’t have to cook and clean up, but will probably not recommend this one as a Do Not Miss.

Wednesday morning, we received a call from Russell Meggitt. He and Jan had gone up the coast to visit her parents and thought they would stop by for a visit on their way back home to Asquith. What a treat! They arrived close to 11:00 AM. We took a nice walk over to Finnian’s Irish Pub for their $10 lunch special. We all ordered the Porterhouse steak. Now in America we call a large T-bone a Porterhouse, but here they call our Top Sirloin a Porterhouse. It isn’t really important except that we are still learning the proper names for cuts of meat here. Anyway, the steaks were delicious!  We visited for quite a while and then they had to get underway for the long drive back toward Sydney. What a lovely couple they are!
We said our farewells and because the anchorage was as calm as glass, Frank said we should probably go ahead with our fuel up now. So we spent the next hour getting fuel and wincing at the proffered $1,090 for the equivalent of 140 US gallons of diesel. Yes, that comes to just under $7.80/gallon. Ouch!
Afterward we took a long walk out to the jetties and then spent a very relaxing evening onboard.

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Judy & Bill Rouse aboard S/V BeBe said...

I hate to tell you this, but your fuel costs are cheap and if you continue moving toward us, they are going up. We pay currently about $2.50 per the math.

That said, fuel costs are not a significant cruising cost. Our total fuel, propane and oil costs are 3.3% of what we spend...probably about the same for you.