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Thursday, May 12, 2011

May 12, 2011 Last Day in Beautiful Port Macquarie

We just can’t believe how fortunate we are to have had so many perfect days here. Because we are coming up on winter, the evenings and mornings are very chilly! We decided since this is our last day here to take the bus over to Laurieton to visit the beautiful beaches there, so we layered and bundled up, packed the backpack for our little outing. We got to the bus stop to discover that we’d just missed the last bus out. Bummer. Oh well, we’ll save that for next time.

Instead, we decided to just go for a spontaneous hike. We took off in no particular direction and eventually found ourselves on the trail that leads along the coastline. It was spectacular! Part of the path goes through an area of preservation – vegetation and birdlife. The beautiful parrots that we love to watch were just all around us. Lots of the King parrots and colorful Lorikeets were just packed into the trees above, chirping and screeching their little hearts out. Passing on through we hiked up steep inclines and down deep drops to the beaches, the coastal path gave us one pleasant surprise after another and our eyes just feasted on the views. God, we love this beautiful country!

After about an hour and a half we arrived at one of the many surf clubs where a group of students were having their outdoor field day. We stopped at the little kiosk for lunch. Surprisingly the lunch was one of the best we’ve had. Mine was calamari and salad; Frank’s was a Mexican chicken wrap with salad. Yum!! By this time the sun was out in full force and I had stripped of my jacket and sweater and was down to a tank top/camisole. We sat enjoying the sun for a while, and then got started on our hike back home.

We arrived back onboard a little after 3 PM. Tomorrow is departure day so we began the process of preparing the boat to leave port and then went to the local Thai restaurant for an early dinner.

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