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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 23, 24, 2012 - Great Keppel Island

Today we delighted in sleeping until 7:00 AM, no early wakeup call today because our trip today is a mere 20 miles to Great Keppel Island. This anchorage at Hummocky Island is just a stopover to spend the night. We've no wind, and a bit of a swell as we set off again. No baking on this one, so we motored and read our books. We are experiencing a 2-knot current against us as before which makes for expensive motor sailing (burns more fuel).

Arrived at Great Keppel Island around noon, set the hook in 2.5 meters and within 30 minutes realized the tide was going out so quickly we had lost 2 feet under the keel already. We moved twice before we found suitable anchoring. The bay here on the north side has great holding on a sandy bottom, and a long pretty and very appealing golden sand beach. Lack of sleep had caught up with me, so I opted for a nap while Frank, Paul and Glor set off for a walk on shore.  Frank returned a couple of hours later to report to me that it is just as well I didn't go with them. As they neared shore in the dinghy, the breakers got big and a particularly large one caught them astern, pouring water into the dinghy and dumping little Glor over the side. They all jumped in, swimming the dinghy to shore. It was no picnic for them. They walked the beach to dry off a bit and then found an inland trail that presumably led to the resort on the other side of the island. They did not reach the resort, however, because the trailhead led down a steep cliff face that they were not eager to negotiate, and besides the signpost indicated that the walk would take another hour.
Scallywag anchored at Great Keppel

That evening, we had sundowners on Scallywag and more fresh sashimi and grilled fish (I made veggies). They had caught a spotted Mackerel on the way over. It was so delicious we all agreed the sashimi was like butter. The downside to the evening is that Paul had wrenched his back and was in a lot of pain, so we left just after Glor and I cleaned up the dishes. Back on board, I killed Frank in a game of Baja Rummy.

Tuesday, the 24th, we had work to do. I tried programming our VHF's DSC mode and Frank continued his vain attempts to get Sailmail working. I completed other housecleaning bits and asked Frank if he wanted to go to the beach. He looked down at his legs and said, "No, I do not". That is when I noticed he was completely covered in bites from either sand fleas or mossies. Every inch of his lower legs is red and covered with bumps. Poor Frank! It's a good thing there is no malaria or Dengue in these parts. He added that he wasn't interested in navigating the swells for a safe landing. A chat with The Scallys later revealed that they as well had been chewed up and were miserably itching all over. I'm so happy I took that nap! 

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