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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 8 – 17, 2012 Mooloolaba – Our final Goodbye to Friends and the Familiar

Easter dinner for us was a feast at Thai Seasons, our favorite! We had contacted Kerri and Erwin Schlomm (Jan Meggitt's sister), and called Paul and Glor of Scallywag to let them know we are here.  We continued our jogging regime, but on Monday Frank confessed that he had been having knee pain that had now intensified to the point he could no longer run. I'd been telling him for ages that he needs new shoes, which to his ears is nagging, and so his response was generally a "yeah, yeah, yeah." accompanied by a wave off of the hand. He was in such pain, however, that he couldn't even go for walks with me so I tried not to pull the "I told you so" card; rather I insisted that he get new shoes before even attempting again. It took us a few days but we found an actual running store that fitted him out beautifully with a new pair of Asics.

The rest of our time in Mooloolaba was a treat. We hooked up with the Scallys for several meals. Kerri invited us for lunch one day at her daughter, Inga, and son in law, Todd's large and beautiful beach house at Kawana.  She arrived to pick us up, escorted by Erwin's parents, Doris and Egon, who wanted to see our beloved Destiny. We welcomed them aboard, gave them a quick tour and then piled into Kerri car heading for the beach house. Egon and Doris are German immigrants with whom we immediately fell in love. They live south of Sydney, having moved to Australia when Erwin was young. Egon is quite the German chef and both he and Doris are heavily involved in the Aussie-German community in Wollongong. Doris served us a snack plate of beef rolls that Egon had cooked for them the previous night. They were delicious! Todd, Inga and Erwin prepared a lovely barbequed calamari/prawn lunch. We ate and then spent the afternoon kicking back and enjoying one another's company. We never even went out to the beach we were having such a great visit.

A couple of days later Kerri and I had a girl-day, starting with coffee a short walk, then lunch and tea at her house followed by haircut appointments and a stroll through the Esplanade. It was a perfect day. Every day in Mooloolaba is a perfect day. Except when it rains. We had a few drizzly days when we would stroll along the covered walkways of the esplanade to seek out the best meal du jour. One night we rented the movie "Red Dog", that EVERYONE had told us is a must see. We thoroughly enjoyed that and highly recommend it to viewers young and old.

Gwynn, friend of most of our Kiwi cruising mates who now lives in Mooloolaba, joined the Scallys and us for one last dinner at Thai Seasons before our departure. Afterwards they all returned to Destiny for a cleansing ale that has now become ritual introduced to Frank by Mark Dent. And the rains poured down on our friends as they left that night.

Early to bed now for an early wakeup to catch that outgoing tide in the morning. This is the beginning of a new chapter of adventures for us. We will be cruising waters we have not known before, and that promise to offer the loveliest anchorages and best cruising in all of Oz.

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