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Friday, September 7, 2012

August 23 – 26, 2012 – Ngalu Liakura, Flores (Some Great Times With Good Friends)

Wow, what a nice quiet spot to drop the hook. This bay is peaceful and quiet – great holding, very protected and best of all the villagers couldn't care less about us. Four of us had traveled together so we arrived with Imagine, Sea Mist and Northfork. Early the next morning, I invited everyone over for freshly baked banana nut muffins and coffee. We are of course back in the land of very fresh and exceedingly inexpensive bananas. At 9:00 AM, they all arrived. Frank and I served up the goods and then the men folk gathered in the cockpit for Man Talk while baby Walker and the girls joined me below for a Hen Party. We have no idea where the time went, but suddenly it was 1:00 PM. We heard a dinghy pull away and a few minutes later, the men were passing around beer and peanuts. We had little to no good junk food on board, so I cranked up the generator and tossed bag after bag of microwave popcorn at the gang of hungry cruisers. The afternoon wore on as we all enjoyed each other's company in between more dinghy trips from the guys bringing in drinks and snacks. Eventually Renegade arrived and joined us in mid-afternoon. We managed to chat through 7 ½ hours and several varieties of nibbles including chips, crackers, cheese, nuts, popcorn, Easy-Mac and Mentos before Sheila and Cheryl announced that they were going to host homemade pizza aboard Sea Mist at 6:00. We took a short recess so that everyone could refresh themselves and then resumed the party over at John and Cheryl's boat where we absolutely feasted on the best homemade pizzas any of us have ever tasted. Cheryl had used filo dough as her base, and Sheila had whipped up her homemade pizza dough. Evelyn from Renegade had thrown together a delicious Greek-style salad.  Who wouldda thunk that a day beginning at 9:00 AM with coffee and muffins would have ended up over 12-hours later sending us all home happy and full of pizza? What a great bunch we have found to cruise with this season.

The next day, Saturday, we all generally took care of chores aboard our respective yachts, and then late afternoon, Evelyn made the rounds to invite us all over to Renegade for fish curry. We enjoyed yet another wonderful evening together. Evelyn's curry is to die for, and when we all asked her for the recipe, she admitted that it would be difficult to replicate because she had purchased a specially mixed curry seasoning from a lady in Fiji. Oh well.

Sunday morning we made a lazy departure for Riung, which is to be the next Rally stop. Unfortunately, however, we received word from our Rally contact, Sam that the Riung event has also been canceled. What on Earth is going on?

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