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Friday, September 7, 2012

August 26 – 28, 2012 – Riung, Flores…Interesting Place

Riung is definitely not the garden spot of Indonesia, yet is rumored to be a fantastic diving destination. We anchored off one of the small islands across the bay from Riung where, according to friends who have been here and dived, visibility is not very clear. That's good because I'm not diving right now, having been tormented by this throat and ear-thing that has plagued me since Kupang. I'm hoping to avoid antibiotics

The town itself is tiny and I am sorry to say, quite filthy. We found a local café where a lovely English girl named Lily was working as she backpacked her way through Indonesia. A bit further down the road was the market where we didn't find much of great interest. I quickly tired of dodging what I've come to term; "betel juice" puddles, disgusting red puddles of spit from the betel nut chewers that stain everything RED.
a stilt home in Riung

The biggest agenda item for the boys was finding a place to restock their diminished supplies of Bintang. They actually had to order it from a local merchant who promised delivery late that evening. Well, I'm so happy we have managed to overcome that major obstacle. A cruiser without Bintang is an unhappy cruiser in these here parts.

I spent the afternoon reading while Frank dove in for a snorkel. He returned to tell me he was a little disappointed and that I hadn't missed anything. 

OK. We've done everything we came here to do and seen whatever there is to see. Time to move along. Tomorrow we ride!

Piles of tobacco for sale in the market

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