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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 20, 2010 - Taking care of business

The internet signal has been down and this time not intermittently, but completely down.  We heard that it is out on the entire island for who knows why and for how long.

Yesterday we went separate directions; Frank in pursuit of propane gas and for a fitting that broke off our tank when he disconnected it; me for other things.  Primarily, I'm trying to find some kind of rubber mat that is large enough to lay on top of the freezer and fridge in order to keep help keep the cold in.  With this heat, our freezer compressor never shuts off and is working itself to death.  We found that if we pile folded beach towels on top of the counter, large enough to cover the door seams it helps but because I need use of the counter space towels are not a good long-term solution.  In fact, neither are mats but they are easier to deal with in the meantime.  I went into nearly every hardware and miscellany shop in town before finding something suitable.  They are bright purple!  Who cares at this point?

Then I trotted over to the video store to see what I could find for sale.  These video stores are not altogether legal.  They sell & rent copied and pirated movies.  I do have principles and refuse to buy the pirated DVD's, but have no problem laying down my $2.00 per for decent copied ones.  I made sure to ask if these were authentic copies (there's an oxymoron), or are they the ones that someone sat in a movie theater with a video camera to film.  I managed to buy 16 DVD's for the princely sum of $32.00, Fijian.

By now the sun was getting high in the sky and the heat is just about unbearable.  I went into the market for some fresh veggies and was so overcome with profuse sweating that I forgot what I needed.  I settled for a couple of salad items and then left to meet Frank at the yacht club.  After lunch I had to beg and plead with him to walk across the street to the grocery store so that I could pick up the few things I still needed.  All he wanted to do was return to the boat, turn on the A/C and take a nap. Me too!

We chatted with neighbors, Ivory Quays and Just in Time, and found that no one else had the energy to do anything. Cop Out, Lady Kay and Shilling have all left to go sailing.  We of course are still awaiting the CV joint to arrive from the States, so we are going nowhere soon.

For dinner we agreed on fresh fruit and yogurt smoothies and a movie.  So we settled in to watch "Invictus".

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Judy and Bill aboard S/V BeBe said...

Barb--if you have a DVD player (or laptop DVD) purchased in the USA, then you cannot buy any legitimate DVDs outside the US or Caribbean that will work. Legitimate DVDs have region codes and won't play. That sort of forces cruisers into buying the copied or pirated DVDs because they are coded region free and will play in any DVD player. We sorted out that region code nonsense and bought a DVD player in Australia that the store was kind enough to reprogram to 0 region code, so it will play any DVD. Those region codes cause a Catch-22.