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Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 9, 2010 - Happy Mother's Day!

We are continuing to feel the blessings of fair winds as we slowly make our way through the small islands scattered along our path to Fiji's 2nd largest island of Vanua Levu. Last night we spotted the Tri-colors of two other yachts (possibly Ivory Quays and Lady Kay), flanking us as we moved slowly along. We have been in touch with yachts that had stopped at Minerva and are now kicking themselves for not having continued onward, in spite of the discomfort, as we had done. Some who were headed to Tonga decided to carry on after a day or two and are being met with winds right on the nose. Others coming toward Fiji are getting such light winds yet confused seas that they are forced to motor. Many of the group that ducked in there are still sitting and waiting for better sailing conditions. We made the right decision and have been rewarded greatly.
Last evening conditions had achieved a nice level of comfort aboard the good ship Destiny enabling me to prepare a delicious Pasta Carbonera with shrimp and fresh basil. We were so happy to be able to sit and eat without bracing both our food and ourselves. We enjoyed a truly comfortable night of both sailing and sleeping. Today we are amazingly still sailing along at very decent speeds ranging from 3 - 7 knots and the boat is actually level. The seas have calmed considerably. We received a call from Ivory Quays on the VHF thanking us for the passage prayers, saying that we must be living right because God was surely looking out for us. They have done this jaunt from NZ to Fiji countless times over the years and have never had such a good passage. Indeed we are tremendously grateful.
I enjoyed a nice chat with my parents about an hour ago, wishing my mom an early happy Mother's Day, since it is still Saturday in Texas. We'll try Frank's mom next.
One more night out and then we will be enjoying some shore time soon.

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