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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010 - A rainbow at night????

We awoke cheering because although we have enjoyed SavuSavu immensely, we had never intended to spend most of the month of May here.  By now we had envisioned being much further along in our travel plans on Fiji's eastern side.  That's all right.  We have had a chance to spend some special time with Bob and Kim (Northern Winds).  They even tried to convince us to stay a little longer and leave with them next week, but we are itching to go.  We tied up to the water dock, filled the tanks, gave Destiny a nice bath, hit the market, the bottle store and finished up every little thing we needed to before bidding adieu to this charming little town.

We went all of 4 miles today, anchored just outside Cousteau's resort.  We enjoyed just sitting and having a relaxing lunch.  I spent most of the rest of the day cleaning the fruits and veggies I'd picked up at the market, shelling purple-hull peas, and watching the boats shuttle resort guests back and forth to the reef for snorkeling. Frank spent most of the day watching it all through his high-powered binoculars and giving me play-by-play descriptions of the activities at the resort.  Late in the afternoon I was downstairs in the galley and heard him laughing his head off.  I popped up the companionway to see what was up.  He told me that a resort boat had come by our bow with white people in it decked out with film gear, and some guy was filming our boat with one of those professional cameras with the big furry microphone attached.  While they were doing this, Frank was eyeing them through his binoculars.  So they were filming him watching them? It gave us a big laugh.  Who knows who or what was being filmed. This resort is apparently quite high-end.  It's still run by Jacques Cousteau's son, John Michel.

It was such a pleasant night that we decided to dine in the cockpit.  It was just after 8 PM, we were chatting about the beautiful full moon and how pretty the sky looked as the stars were twinkling just so and how the big dipper is SO big here, then along came a cooling sprinkle of rain and a nice breeze.  I noticed a strange color configuration in the sky and said to Frank, "I know you will think I'm crazy, but I think I see a rainbow!"  He leaned out and sure enough we were looking at a very large gray-scale rainbow that went all the way across the bay.  Neither of us has ever seen a moon rainbow.  It was just spectacular.  We could barely see the hues of the color spectrum. How I wish we had professional camera equipment to capture this amazing sight.  We kept saying to one another how special this was and how fortunate we were to be at the right place at the right time to witness this phenomenon. What a thrill!

Tomorrow we have an 8-hour trip over to Vianni Bay where we hope to meet up with Ivory Quays, Just In Time, Scallywag, Liberation and Avant Garde.



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