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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Day 3 at Sea

It is Saturday afternoon of our third day out. We left Manzanillo around 1 PM on Thursday, fuel tanks topped off, window replaced and galley stocked. Manzanillo turned out to be a very pleasant place to get stuck. After the red tide abated the bay waters proved to be a beautiful blend of teals and aquamarine hues. Some friends we met at the hotel (Rob and Alex) turned us onto a great restaurant, El Chipotle - not to be confused with nor bears any relation to the Denver chain - which had the best
thin crust pizza, Huerte Salad and stuffed chipotle peppers we have had anywhere else. We went back several times! A local hotel, Dolfin Cove Inn's Paradise Restaurant offered cruisers a 10% discount plus free WiFi in their lobby. We enjoyed that one very much as well, yet the lobby was a long haul straight up the cliff-side for our big heavy laptop. So we used it a few times and then decided we can't become enslaved to this thing. It is necessary to our survival but the reality is we cannot
take its use for granted as we did when we had a daily internet connection back home.

We formed new friendships with other boaters who we hope to meet again, "out there", and with whom we have vowed to stay in touch. We had hoped to have a cruising partner in s/v Imagine (Andy, Sandy and Emma Peasley) for the jump across, however, they would not be leaving for about 5 more days. The marina's surge was hard on our lines and fenders; Destiny was bucking the lines to get underway and we were ready to get back out on the water again, so we traded contact info with them and promised
to stay in touch as they bid us farewell.

The passage so far had been fairly uneventful. There have been a couple of "things" pop loose that have been jury-rigged for now, but nothing harmful or of cause for great concern. We have had fair seas with very large rollers. The wind has been averaging under 10 kts, so we aren't making fast progress and have had to motor to keep from getting beat to death by the rollers. We're getting back into our watch schedules which takes a few days. The moon has been so bright - nearly full - that it
feels we are under a spotlight at night. This is nice. The first night out Frank took a nap and missed the most brilliantly beautiful sunset I think I have ever seen. Neither words nor a picture could do it justice. The sea is a deep blue and the skies are relatively clear. Not bad so far, not bad at all.

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Reno said...

You two,

Just read your blog and hope today is a good day for you. I have been praying for good weather and small seas to keep you safe.

Had a glass for you at Iron Horse!
Love to you both!