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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Staying in touch with us...

It is noon on Wed, April 16, 2008. The window installers have arrived.  It looks like a huge task, so it may take all day today to get done.  This said, and if it goes well we may be leaving Manzanillo tomorrow.  We have always and will continue to believe that delays of any kind play a part in revealing hidden blessings to us that we would not normally see.  Alas, Destiny is t work again.  During these past two weeks we have made some lasting new friendships and have connected with another family, Andy, Sandy and Emma (their 6-year old daughter), aboard s/v Imagine, who also got stalled leaving for the big jump west.  Now we have someone with whom to make the crossing.
We will probably be updating from our HAM radio link for the next 30 days or so, which means we will NOT have internet access because we will be at sea enroute to French Polynesia.  We will each be able to update our blogs and the position tracker.  Pictures and other stuff will have to wait until we have internet again.  We have not been given promising reports that this will be possible in the Marquesas, but one never one?
You may email us at In doing so, however, bear in mind that your first email to us may be kicked back to you as a permanent failure if we do not have you in our address book.  That is our software's safety feature.  If you get that message, we will know it and will add you to the address book at that point.  Try again the next day.
Thank you everyone who has signed our "guestbook" - it has been a delight reading your comments and words of encouragement.  Because of our inability to have regular access, it is a real treat to read those messages when we do get on-line, although we may not answer you individually.
I now have a prayer request for my nephew, Tre Long.  He suffers from Muscular Dystrophy, and is the bravest and most kind-hearted teenager I know.  This is truly a young man of special character.  He suffers silently and courageously - never revealing his illness nor using it as some may for sympathy or special treatment.  He is scheduled for very serious surgery on his feet and legs in mid-June.   This will put him in a wheelchair for his entire summer break, but if the surgery is a success - which we have Faith will be - he will be graced with much more freedom from pain and with new freedom of movement for at least several years.  Please keep him, my sister Beverly and my brother-in-law, D in your prayers.
Thank you and God Speed to you.
while at sea:
Skype ID: frank.barb.gladney

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Reno said...

Barb & Frank!

God speed! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad that you have another boat to make the crossing with. I have tears in my eyes - I am so happy for you, but of course worried as well.

Love to both of you!
Sharon & Andrea
We're going to the Wine Country this weekend. We'll raise a glass to you!