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Saturday, April 12, 2008

We have complied Saturday morning in Manzanillo

We are still in Las Hadas Marina, Manzanillo, awaiting the window which is still in Guadalajara waiting to clear Mexican Customs. We have complied with every documentation request and still have no status other than "delayed". Frank is at the end of his rope. We cannot send it back and we can't get it. We are at an impasse. Things we cannot change...

We've already checked out of the country - another 1/2 day spent tangled in the red tape of Mexican bureaucracy. We were the only ones in line, but they had us going upstairs and then downstairs and waiting while 5 employees watched soap operas on TV. Frank thinks they have to justify their jobs by making us wait or the gov't. will get wise and have a lay-off if they become too efficient. And of course you pay, but you never know how much or for what you are paying for any given service. It is
very random and subjective.

Yesterday, Frank rented a car and we made a road trip to Colima which is the largest city in the State of Colima, which was named after a King (Aztec?). The drive took us through the farm country where we saw groves of coconut, mango, papaya, lime trees and cattle farms. There were dozens of Farmer's markets along the highway. What astounded us most along the drive was that in order to slow vehicles down when entering a small town they placed speed bumps in the middle of the highway! Even more
shocking was that the sign alerting drivers of the upcoming bump was right next to it with a down arrow. Thank God we were behind another vehicle for the first few and got a clue before we hit one at 90 km/hr! There was nothing interesting about Colima, in fact after a while the towns all have the same dusty, tired look. We got some errands done while we had the car and decided we are itching to get back out on the water and go cruising again.

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