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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Getting Closer to Departure

Today after a huge effort on Frank's part we think our window is finally being released from Mexican Customs in Guadalajara. We have high hopes that it will arrive at Marina Las Hadas tomorrow, and that the installer will be available to get the job done sooner than later. In the meantime we have stayed very busy. We found a graphics shop to make some logo T-shirts. Only problem there is that we think men's "XL" in Mexico is meant for much smaller men than the American size, and that the women's
"L" would not even fit the most petite woman I know! I have two beautiful women's polo's that will fit our 4-year old grandson if he stops growing now.

We are putting together our Ditch Bag, AKA Abandon Ship Bag, which we will need to toss into the life raft should such event occur. We plan to be prepared so that it will NOT occur. We have begun the official provisions inventory and have discovered that among our food supply, if nothing else, we can survive on chocolate, snacks and cookies for 40 days and 40 nights. The trip across should take an average of three weeks. So during that time we will be able to update the website via the HAM, but
will not have internet access to the website itself.

Destiny has had her filters all checked and changed and fluid levels topped off, oils changed, insides scrubbed and is awaiting the high sign to go. Next update will be to say that we are ready to set sail!

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lnash said...

Thanks for all the posts Barb! It is great reading ~ and I love your style.... we are snowing here and its just saaaaddd... after 2 glorious days of 70's and sunshine :-( ... but with several dangerous wildfires in Colorado, I certainly shouldn't complain. Me and Susan were partners at the 'office' and talked about you and your adventure ~ were your ears burning? love love, Laurie N.