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Monday, October 22, 2012

October 12 & 13, 2012 - Nangka, anchorage #84

Nangka Island was promoted in our cruising guide as a 7 out of 10, great anchorage. We were excited about this place where the book stated you could easily spend a week. Our trip over there was nothing to write home about and as the day wore on, storm clouds were threatening us making us realize we were not only going to get real wet but that visibility was about to be completely blotted out. On approach we could vaguely make out a mast ahead in the anchorage, which was quickly confirmed as Mark from "Relapse" hailed us on the radio giving us waypoints for our approach, warning that the bay is surrounded by a large reef system forming a wall around a very deep anchorage. Thanks to his assistance we safely made it in, setting the hook in 90 feet. As I was on the foredeck I saw several turtles bobbing past and then also noticed a large number of jellyfish floating around, killing any desire to get into the water. "Taimada" arrived not long afterward in the middle of a black and stormy deluge but managed to anchor with no troubles. We chatted with Mark and Catherine (Relapse) about their disastrous entanglement with the fishing net just a few days prior to learn that the yacht is OK, the dinghy is ruined and Mark only lost the very tip of his finger, but generally their spirits remain high as always.

Saturday was a rest day for Frank and I, so we took it easy while we watched Ute and Hans set off for some snorkeling and possible diving. They reported to us that the water was much too murky for decent visibility so we felt OK that we stayed aboard. "Relapse" had left at first light, but someone had also snuck in to our surprise, "Avant Garde" had arrived so we knew "Scallywag" must be close behind. They came bearing awful news that they had attempted a rescue of a German yacht, "Y Not" that had gone aground back at the Kumai river, and while attempting to free them, Scallywag's dinghy received a 3x3 foot rip in the pontoon and Avant Garde sustained some rub damage to her hull. At least they were able to free "Y Not" from peril. This has been a brutal year for us yachts! Nearly every one of us has had a frightful experience. Anyway, very happy to see them all again, we let them get some rest from their overnighter and then after dinner we converged on "Taimada" for a night of live music and song! Glor and Ute played guitars, Colin, Marion and Paul played their ukuleles, while Hans manned a calypso style drum and Frank and I just sang along trying to stay in tune. We had a ball! The party went on for hours until by 1:00 AM Frank and I begged for mercy. We had a 5 AM departure planned for Monday morning. Time is screeching for us to move along.

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