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Saturday, October 13, 2012

September 29, 30, 2012 - Last Day in Bali, A Very Early Departure for Borneo and Day 1 of Passage

Saturday was a workday for us to get Destiny ready for a three-day passage to the Kumai River at Kalimantan, Borneo. Our stay in Bali was obviously a short one, not long enough to do it justice and so we hope that sometime over the next year we will have an opportunity to fly back for a nice long stay.

Sunday we arose at 4 AM, and by first light we were off heading in the direction of Kalimantan. Our first day out was OK. We did bit of sailing and a bit of motoring, staying ever vigilant because of the many, many fishing boats, nets and traps all about. There was a good bit of commercial traffic as well, giving us an opportunity to be thankful for the AIS unit. Unfortunately and confoundingly, there are large boats our here pulling massive barges on 1 - 3 mile towlines. They not only do not carry AIS, they do not show up on radar. These were our worry points as darkness approached. For the most part, large ships gave us plenty of space, passing far to the port or starboard side of us but interestingly at night we were most definitely beginning to exercise some defensive driving techniques. Thank goodness we were traveling under a full moon. I went to bed at around 8 PM to try to force myself to sleep giving Frank the first night watch. When we awoke me at 11 PM, he reported that nothing much was happening so I should have a pretty easy watch. It did start out that way.

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