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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sept 12 – 16, 2012 On the Move to Some OK and Not So Good Stops En-route to Lombok

Leaving Gili Lawa our next scheduled stop was Lombok, and in order to get there we needed to get past a large island called Sumbawa. For whatever reason, this island was not a stop on the rally route so we didn't plan to spend any quality time there. We did not want to sail at night because of the many little unlit fishing boats that inundate the waters here and because of those crazy looking floating fish-attraction rafts inevitably littered about in the middle of whichever path we choose to trek. We can't, or rather don't want to, get close enough to snap a photo of one. They look like floating haystacks mounted on top of a bamboo raft.  It is all part of the charm of Indonesia. So we traveled as far as daylight would allow, finding a decent stop at a place called tg Djoeli.

Thursday morning bright and early we set off again, making it only as far as a place called Medang Island. It should be named just "DANG! ", because it was DANG rolly in there. Forget cooking dinner, we were happy to be able to sit without being tossed from one side of the boat to the other. Needless to say, Frank and I scurried out of there none too fast at first light.

We made it nearly all the way to Lombok, and in fact anchored in a well-protected cove just inside the small island of Gili Lawang on the northeastern corner of Lombok. Four of us huddled in there: Destiny, Renegade, Sea Mist and Imagine. The place was so quiet and peaceful that we decided to stay for a day or two to get some P & Q. Sheila invited everyone over for a Mexican Fiesta for dinner the next night. Saturday morning, we awoke to zillions of big black flies buzzing about. We quickly closed ourselves in and began fly swatting. They were into everything, for crying out loud. I told Frank if it wasn't for the fact that we had dinner plans with everyone that night my vote would be to make fast tracks out of there, but we stayed and were very happy we did because dinner on Imagine with everyone was a real treat. I had made homemade brownies, Evelyn brought homemade fresh-baked bread crisps and fish spread, Cheryl brought dim sim and steamed prawns and Sheila's Mexican food was as good as it can get outside Mexico. Another great night was enjoyed by all.  Sunday morning found us weighing anchor at the literal break of dawn. We couldn't take the flies another minute. Surprisingly Sea Mist and Imagine opted to stay one more day.

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Joanne van Os said...

Just checked Yotreps and looks like you are at Kumai River! Looking forward to hearing about that. Enjoy the orangutans XX Jo and Lex