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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

September 27, 2012 – Lovina Bay, Bali (north coast)

Arriving Lovina Bay, on Bali's north shore we were greeted by a man in a small local boat who led us in through the reef break into the anchorage where well over 25 rally yachts were already situated. Our man introduced himself as "Made" (pronounced Mod-ay). We arranged for the delivery of fuel and for a bottom cleaning of Destiny's hull. He was returning at 4 PM with out 300 liters of diesel, so Frank and I ventured to shore for a stroll on the black beach and a quiet lunch.

The moment our feet touched the beach locals greeted us amiably and began to offer their goods and services; tours, taxis, souvenirs, etc. We ran into fellow cruisers from the catamaran Ananda who gave us a business card for a driver they had hired to take them on a tour. Attempted a nice stroll along the beach toward the resorts in search of the perfect spot to sit and relax, but the sand was so hot it literally burned our toes where it kicked up onto our toes. I've never felt sand so blisteringly hot. We ran between a couple of buildings toward a sidewalk to resume our stroll with now very tender toes. We eventually came to a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean and surrounded by lovely gardens. Stopping for lunch we noted it was actually a Resort named Adirama. Very nice and the food was excellent (and very inexpensive). Afterward we walked a bout looking into small shops and just enjoying a browse. I purchased a few things and then it was time to get back to the boat for our fuel. The guys arrived promptly at 4 PM. The process took quite a lot of time because the diesel was delivered in jugs of all sizes so by the end of that we declined the invite to go to shore for Sundowners with the gang.

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