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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feb 28 – March 2, 2011 Goodbye to Broken Bay and our Friends the Meggitts

Tuesday afternoon's arrival at Broken Bay was met with a downpour of rain and typical Russell/Aussie style hospitality. He had driven his classic Holden car down to pick us up at Bobbin Head, all smiles and ready to meet Scott. He deposited us at his house where he, Frank and Scott immediately began the male bonding process – meet new friend over a beer. I sought out Jan who had been busily preparing dinner. We enjoyed a down home evening with them, ending with one of Kate's mouthwatering dessert specialties: sticky date pudding.

Wednesday morning Jan picked me up for a girl's day out. We hit the Hornsby (Mall) shopping center where we enjoyed a wonderful seafood lunch, shopping at her favorite dress shop where I bought 3 lovely dresses, and went to see the movie, "The Vow".  We arrived back at Bobbin Head in a torrent of rain. I had forgotten to bring an umbrella. We didn't have the marina key so we sat in her car watching the downpour intensify while trying to figure out how to get in there. After quite a while of sitting and hoping for someone to come along with a passkey Jan was able to raise Russell on his cell phone only to find that they were sitting on board Tomkat in the marina berth. They didn't seem keen on letting us in. Instead, Frank appeared in the dinghy instructing me to meet him at the public jetty. I gave Jan one last long hug, thanking her profusely for everything and promising to always stay in touch as I bounded out of the car. I was laden with bags of food and clothing trying to walk from the parking lot down to the public boat ramp in the rain. I was drenched by the time I reached him. He grinned up at me, proffering my foul-weather jacket and although it was a little too late to do much good, I accepted his peace offering. I just couldn't be upset with him. He was so charming I knew he felt guilty about something, but I didn't want to know what about.  He seemed relieved when I sent him on his way (back to the boys and the beer), so I could get my purchases dried and stowed. I was very happy to be onboard a dry Destiny. Quite a long time passed before Frank and Scott returned. I'd had a big lunch and presumed that they would not be ripe for dinner, and had retired to our cabin to read my book. I was nearly nodding off when I heard the approaching dinghy motor, followed by giggling, stumbling and something crashing which I presumed to be Scott into the cockpit. He is still developing his sea legs. I stifled a laugh and sent up a prayer that neither was seriously injured.

Early Thursday morning we moved Destiny out to Little Pittwater Cove close to the mouth of Broken Bay.  The boys told me about their day with Russell. He took them in Tomkat over to his favorite restaurant in Broken Bay at the Patonga Beach Hotel. They declared it the best Fish and Chips in the Universe, as they know it.  They bonded with the proprietor and a local radio station celebrity who offered them t-shirts and a spot on the early (radio) show if only they would be on the open channel at 4:00 - 6 AM. He wanted them to broadcast their adventures moving along the coast. I am sorry to say it didn't get to happen.

Friday, March 2, we swallowed some coffee, weighed anchor at 7:00 AM and were off for Port Stephens. We enjoyed a bit of a rough ride exiting Broken Bay, which is on par in these parts, but that discomfort did not compare to the sadness I felt leaving here for the last time. One more door slowly clicked shut, keeping a piece of my heart behind.

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