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Thursday, March 22, 2012

March 19 – 21, 2012 Brisbane and Scott’s final days with us

Monday afternoon we were all bushed but nothing could keep Frank and Scott from the Story Bridge Hotel for some ice-cold beer and sports on TV. They freshened up and set off within the hour. I phoned Deery's, the steak house at Story Bridge for a dinner booking and then settled in for some P's and Q's. At the appointed hour I walked up to Deery's to meet them for an astonishingly good steak dinner.

Tuesday we walked Scott half to death. We had one full day to show him the town, so of course we took him to our favorite highlights. First we hopped on the river ferry across to town for a stroll through CBD to Queen Street, and then over the bridge to Southbank. Frank introduced Scott to The Plough Inn. It was of course a big hit. The sun came out for a good bit of the day – thank you Mother Nature. We walked from Southbank to West End for a tasty Chinese lunch at West End Gardens, and then afterward the guys decided to bar-hop their way back via Southbank, so I went on ahead and left them to their last day of guy-time.

In spite of the return of intermittent rain, we donned our "going out to eat dinner" attire and walked to Spizzico that night for a good old-fashioned home cooked Italian meal. Scott left EARLY Wednesday morning to catch a cab to the airport. His return would be a flight to Sydney and then an afternoon flight back to the States.

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