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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 15 – 19, 2012 Sailing Overnight to the Gold Coast and Visiting Gold Coast

Rock and roll as the story goes, from Coffs. We pitched and we rolled under gray skies out of the harbor heading offshore chasing the current and hoping to catch good wind. It was not our favorite overnighter. None of them are for me anyway. We were thankful to have Scott and the extra pair of eyes and a body to take the load off watches. We were all too keyed up, though to make an attempt at sticking to a schedule. I have been feeling somewhat under par, and after mid-morning I was down for the count, leaving the boys to take care of the day. It was like that on and off all day and into the evening. I felt somewhat guilty, but the exhaustion was nearly overwhelming. They both seemed to enjoy being up there together in the cockpit, alternatively reading and watching for obstacles. There wasn't much else to do. Into the night we dodged several large ships and fishing vessels. Daylight could not come soon enough, but as always it did and as always we made it through just fine. Winds were not cooperative, nor was weather but thankfully that is why we have an engine.  Our arrival at Gold Coast's Mariner's Cove was much easier this time as we hit it at nil tide around 2:34 in the afternoon.

The rain has remained with us but was now slowed to fits and bursts. We were all very tired from that journey and although we wanted a good meal, we settled for the mediocre Hogs Breath Saloon where we paid entirely too much for a sub-standard meal, but according to the boys the beer was cold and afterward, Scott enjoyed his wine so the evening had its successes.

Friday brought more rain. We wanted to take Scott to the beaches, which are so nice here and made it a short walk to the surf club. We took him on the bus to Surfer's Paradise so he could see what the Gold Coast hoopla is all about. He was fortunate to catch sight of two scantily gold-clad meter maids.

Saturday I needed to get to the Apple Store at Robina for some tutoring on my MacBook, and it was raining anyway so the boys came along. Little did we know this was the day they were rolling out the new iPad. The Apple Store was filled to overflowing and had a queue of hopeful patrons running halfway through the mall. We settled for lunch and a little shopping.

Sunday the guys went to a local bar to watch rugby and I managed to get my appointment at Apple.  The rain persisted.

Monday we left at 6:00 AM, heading for Brisbane. Time to get a move on so Scott could at least see a little of Brisbane before he left. We arrived at Dockside Marina at 3 PM. Guess what?! It was raining.

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