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Friday, March 16, 2012

March 11 – 15, 2012 – Last Time at Coffs Harbour and a Visit From Friends

Good Sail for the first part of our day and then as a curtain falls, so did the wind. We made it into the marina at Coffs Harbour in time to get checked and for the boys to scramble off to the yacht club for drinks. I opted for some solitude.

Monday, the boys took off for a round of golf while I went into town.  I enjoyed my day of no men. It is nice that Frank has a friend to do "guy stuff" with, and nice for me just to have some time alone. I went into every store that I felt like browsing without the irritation of having someone impatiently waiting outside or hovering over my shoulder.  A friend of mine and I agreed one day that men take all the time in the world when they are in a marine store, DIY store, hardware, auto parts, or liquor store, but when it comes to shopping with us they grunt and moan as though being punished. So, yes I enjoy these times alone. I ended my browse around town and then walked the few miles back down toward the marina where I stopped for a very good lunch and a coffee. I retuned to Destiny, stowed my (mostly grocery) purchases and then settled down with a book to get the laundry done at the local facility. I was nearly finished with the washing when the boys appeared in high spirits. Scott insisted on treating us to dinner at the new local seafood restaurant overlooking the bay. We enjoyed that while appreciating a very lovely sunset.

Tuesday it rained. Frank went into town to take care of some of our personal banking business, with Scott in tow. I did rainy day chores. Then on Wednesday, Jan Meggitt's parents, Cecil and Patricia Williams, who live in Coffs Harbour, came for a visit. We had missed them the last time we stopped here. They drove down with Pat's sister Jean to the marina for a peek aboard Destiny, bearing an entire branch of Coffs Harbour bananas. We had a cuppa and some biscuits and then went up to the yacht club for lunch. After a lovely visit with them and a short stroll they returned home and we returned to Destiny to finish our chores and to ready Destiny for an overnighter to Gold Coast.

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