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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 6 – 11, 2012 – Port Macquarie, Scott Morlan’s visit cont’d

On the way up to Port Macquarie (Port to the locals) from Port Stephens we warned Scott about "The Bar" into Port. Frank timed it so perfectly, however, that Scott wondered what the fuss was all about as we easily cruised through the jettys. The roughest part of that trip was getting literally thrown all over the place leaving Port Stephens! My gosh it was awful, and it wasn't until quite a long way out of there that conditions settled enough to feel really secure. I told the boys I would not be spending much time in the galley, and that they are on their own for lunch.

Because this is one of our favorite stops along the Aussie coast we enjoyed showing Scott the highlights. Foremost on the list was Finnian's Pub for the $10 NY strip steak. He loved it, as we knew he would and in fact we made a return visit for dinner one night for fish and chips. Everything they cook there is good.

Two of our days in Port, Frank and Scott played golf on the two different courses, declaring one of them nicer than the RYGC.

On the first pretty day we took Scott on the jetty walk along the waterfront of town out toward the river bar, showing him the colorfully decorated granite boulders that lined the entrance.

We paraded Scott on the "Bat" walk, through the park area along the stream. He didn't care so much for this one due to the stench of the massive amounts of guano and the screeching of thousands of Flying Foxes hanging from the trees above us. Parts of the walk are quite lovely though, taking you through the botanicals and along some very pretty trails.

Another day the boys amused me by accompanying me on the very long coastal walk toward Flynn's beach to the local second hand bookstore/coffee shop. We had gotten Scott hooked on Lee Childs' Jack Reacher novels, so he didn't mind so much perusing the shelves. Afterward, we hiked back into town along the inland path (road) and stopped at a local pub for a bit of people watching.

By now Scott has become quite the yachtie. He has very nearly perfected weighing and setting the anchor, grabbing a mooring ball and helping Frank with general boat chores. He is a good cook and insisted on helping out in the galley, washing or drying dishes. He has a great attitude about living aboard. We even taught him our favorite card game (Baja Rummy) and how to play Qwirkle. We got him as into "My Kitchen Rules" as we are. And best of all he became very comfortable with our evening after dinner ritual of having a cup of tea while eating chocolates. He of all the visitors we have had on board now understands the life and lifestyle of Frank and Barbara living aboard a yacht. He is now ready for an overnighter. This he would experience very soon.

At 5 AM on March 11th we effected a very dark departure from Port due to two objectives: number one was to go with the outgoing tide from here and number two was to arrive at Coffs Harbour before nightfall.

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