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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 12, 2012 – Last Day at Lizard Island

Several boats departed Lizard Island today, Scallywag among them but they have been here for a week already. We were not yet prepared to leave this restful place knowing that for the next several days we had many one-day hops ahead of us. We spent our last day getting things in order while conditions are calm and now that things are drying out from all the rain we've had lately.  Frank beached the dinghy for a good scrub inside and out, top to bottom while I washed and put away the clears around our cockpit and stowed them, bringing out the screens. We will be getting into very hot temperatures as we near the top of Australia and also into mossie territory. The screens will keep us cooler while acting as mosquito netting. Chores done, we went to the beach and just hung out. This may very well be the last time we can do this before reaching Indonesia. Fortunately Lizard Island is relatively safe from the saltwater crocs, but every future stop will be unsafe to leave the boat.  In fact, we've been told by locals to make sure we hoist the dinghy every night after this stop because the crocs will puncture them. Actually, the verbiage was – "Rubber ducky's left in the water are called crocodile teething rings!" It is sort of funny.

No drama, as they say here, on our last day, just a nice lazy one. We love it here but have to get going and will have a fairly short hop tomorrow so we'll have a cuppa and then make a break for it.

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