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Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 16, 2012 – Morris Island to Portland Roads (59NM)

After clearing Morris Island, we enjoyed one of the best days yet of sailing yet on this trip up the coast so I think we are starting to pick up those nice winds our friends enjoyed the two previous years, we are just late bloomers.

Entering the heads into Portland Roads we did not know what to expect, but suddenly my broadband stick glowed bright blue so I jumped below to quickly check emails and get a couple of updates posted, then lost the signal. It was a good 20 minutes though.  The Lucas Guide is more sketchy than informative in these parts and gave no information that was useful really. We dropped the hook at 4:30 PM in the pouring rain. Gee whiz it is choppy in here. The Germans, Austrians and another yacht are here as well. There is life on shore but we can't tell how on earth we would get there. There is no beach and no semblance of a spot to land a dinghy. I had no intention of going to shore here anyway it sort of looked like another "Deliverance" site, and felt like one when we found there was no phone, TV or internet signal. Hummmm, wonder what they do for enjoyment??? Scary to think.  OK, so we really, really did not like it here but are truly thankful that it offered a place to stop for the night. We had left Morris Island at 6:30, and arrived here at 2:45. Had we not had great sailing winds we sure wouldn't have hurried in.

Dreary, windy, rocky and rainy we did not rest, but had a break I guess you could say. This was as bad as those awful rolly anchorages in the Whitsunday group. After having not slept well at all (again), we arose had our coffee and then at 7:45 were out of there.

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