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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 26, 2012 Departing Guruliya Bay, Heading for Croker Island (2 day trip)

Day 1
It is said the darkest hour comes just before dawn. In a remote area such as this, the darkest hour is also the most spectacular time to view the heavens. With absolutely no ambient light from anywhere but the stars we took a few minutes to just gaze up and to enjoy this magical moment. Directly to the east Frank pointed out what appeared to be three planets perfectly aligned and so big and bright they seemed to dominate the sky. Were they Mars, Venus and Jupiter? During times like this we wish we'd paid more attention to astrology. We just sat in silence, sipping our coffee and let the stillness wash over us before we started our long day.

We crept out of Guruliya Bay and set a westerly course for Croker Island. For the better part of the day we enjoyed some fantastic sailing and had another visit from a family of dolphins. Four of them zipped in from out of nowhere and enjoyed diving and jumping our bow wake for over an hour. Frank managed to get some good photos this time, using his new iPad. That thing takes the best pictures. We both stood out there for a while enjoying the show, until the wave action sent us scurrying back to the cockpit. Not long afterward I was preparing lunch when Frank shouted, "Barb, turtle!" I grabbed the iPad and popped up the companionway just as the turtle dove under the water. Frank said this one was huge, and although we waited patiently for his return he was probably already miles away. So, other than the wind dying late this afternoon and the seas laying down for us to enjoy cooking and reading that was the big excitement for today.

It is now 10 PM, and because we lost our wind for several hours today we are pretty far behind schedule. That's all right we have great weather, pretty skies, nautical friends stopping by to visit and plenty of books to read. We are trying to get settled into night watch shifts. More tomorrow…

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