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Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28, 2012 - Onward to Coral Bay

Last night just before dinner we decided to enjoy sunset from the back deck, and while I was climbing out of the cockpit to join Frank he pointed at the water just beside the boat and whispered, "Look at that". I nearly missed it, but just caught a glimpse of something white slipping below the surface of the water. Frank said he thought it was a baby Great White. It was so silent and moved so quick we both got excited wondering what it was that we'd seen. We sat staring at the water for what seemed like a very long time but it did not reappear so we turned our attention to the horizon. It was a beautiful sunset with all the haze in the sky. Just about the time I went below to start cooking dinner, Frank called out to me that he saw it again, not a Great White but a Hammerhead and this time it had completely surfaced. I popped back up just to see the knife-like ripple it left behind as it submerged once again. Frank was thrilled and I was disappointed that I'd missed it twice. This is the first time in all of our travels on Destiny that we have seen a shark in the water from the boat, in an anchorage. It seemed to be hanging out underneath us. Creepy.

Today's trip was only 33 miles and yet it seemed to take forever to travel this short distance. Wind was nearly nonexistent and with a 2-knot current against us we seemed to be standing in place much of the time. The seas were so flat we could have water-skied. Abbot mid-way through the trip we saw a dorsal fin zigzagging frantically. Another shark, and this time it was either feeding or stalking a prey. A short time later we were joined again by a pod of dolphins. Wow - so much going on! It was a beautiful day.

We arrived at Coral Bay by around 2:15, and immediately decided to go to shore to check out the resort.
The restaurant deck and pool at Seven Spirit
 Fortunately there is a floating wharf where we tied the dinghy and then walked to the main lodge. The resort is called Seven Spirit Bay Eco Wilderness Resort, and is very lovely. The staff here is genuinely hospitable and friendly, and as they welcomed us they truly made us feel very much at home. We visited with the hostess, had a snack and some drinks and then we walked the beach. As we were going along the water's edge, Frank pointed to the shallows, saying, "Look! What is it?" Well I'll be darned; it was a shark feeding in the surf not 10 feet from us! What is with Frank and the sharks lately? I snapped a picture but it is really hard to see what it is.
We returned to the lodge where we met the chef who gave us a run down on tonight's menu. Fresh "mangrove jack" was being offered tonight. We made a reservation for dinner at 7:00. The resort has only 3 guests right now. A large party left today as we were arriving, and it turns out that the party was actor Ricky Schroder and his family.

There is only one other yacht here, Esperanza, owned by a lovely Dutch couple named Carla and Han. We practically have this place to ourselves. We enjoyed our wonderful dinner; the fish was served whole and was cooked to perfection. We browsed the gallery afterward and purchased a painting by an Aboriginal woman, whose sense of humor we found endearing.
The rest of the title reads..."Witchetty Grubs while the men sit in the camp"

We are trying to decide whether we stick around here another day or leave tomorrow. We really are cutting it close with our time now. We'll sleep on it and decide over coffee in the morning.

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