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Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 15, 2012 – A 59-Mile Day to Morris Island

Leaving Flinders at 6:30 AM, where we spent a wind-howling, stormy and miserable night, we hardly got a handkerchief-size bit of sail up before the winds swept us away. So, the uncomfortable and miserable anchorage can often translate into decent sailing. This day, however, we lost a good bit of speed due to the confused state of the sea. The heavens alternated from ugly and threatening to clearing with some clouds and pretty blue sky. It was a weird day and not one that we particularly enjoyed. But we did appreciate making the 59 NM passage to Morris Island before losing daylight, arriving at 4:45 PM. This is another flat little sand island amidst the Great Barrier Reef that surprisingly offers great respite for the weary traveler. It appears that many of the trees have lost their leaves, possibly due to recent cyclones but were sprouting little bits of green. It was a funny site to see all these sticks on the pretty sandy island. Here again we were forewarned that there are crocs about and should not venture off the boat. Apparently dinghies are croc targets. We enjoyed a fair night here at Morris Island and then sailed away for Portland Roads (on the mainland) for our next stop, which is another 59 NM passage. It was 6:30 AM when we hoisted the anchor
Approaching Morris Island

at anchor at Morris Island

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Judy & Bill Rouse aboard S/V BeBe said...

We sat a large croc at Morris Island in Sept 2009. Also saw a few sand trails on the beach that must have been from crocs. Wise move to stay off that island!