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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 22 & 23, 2012 Crossing the Gulf of Carpentaria, Arriving at Gove, NT

We are in Gove, NT (Northern Territory), Australia. We set the anchor at noon. What a ride.  Of the 53 hours it took to sail here, 24 were dreadful, about 18 were miserable and the other 11 were uncomfortable but tolerable.

Yesterday was not as bad as the night before. Winds were up and down, however, by nightfall we had found a certain rhythm that at least allowed us to sleep a little better. We saw 35 knots of wind and, had the seas been more kind we might have shortened the trip just a bit.

We are safe and Destiny is intact except that our fairly new UV strip on the Staysail is coming unstitched and started flapping as we rounded the mining wharf coming into Gove. Also just coming in I noted to Frank that our top lifeline on the starboard side looked droopy, and that we should tighten it up when we get in. Well, just as we were taking in the sails it sprang free and seriously drooped. Thankfully the hardware is intact and Frank only needed to replace a screw to get that back up. Poor Destiny – we sure do put her through the rigors. But she is built for this kind of beating and she proves herself time and again.

So now we rest. I have a splitting headache that no amount of Aleve or Advil has been able to conquer, so I'm going down for a nap after a long shower and we get the boat put back together. It is a big mess from the thrashing.

Tonight the All Blacks are playing so we all plan to go into the yacht club in hopes that it is televised here.

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Judy & Bill Rouse aboard S/V BeBe said...

Did you meet Callisto, an Amel? Looks like they were there at the same time...