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Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13, 2012 – Sailing from Lizard Island to Howick (32 NM)

Leaving Lizard Island at 7:30, we enjoyed a lovely sail of just 32 miles today to a little Island called Howick. The winds are beginning to pick up earlier in the day which is a big improvement, yet it was calm enough for me to make up a large batch of chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze so we’d have energy snacks on passage across the top. I baked a bout 10, but they didn’t last very long. Arriving at 1:30 we noted there was nothing special about this anchorage and it wasn’t even attractive, just a place to stop for the night to break up our trip. The shoreline was comprised of mostly mangroves and rocky coral, although there were some structures that may have been fishing camps or very rustic homes. We are now sailing in the company of a few Dutch and German Yachts whom we have met along the way but just casually. These day trips are more work than pleasure stops because we cannot leave the boat. The anchorage was not a very comfortable one, but it was a short stay. Tomorrow we have a big day ahead and will need to really push the daylight, so it will be another early wakeup call for Destiny and crew.

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